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We specialize in answering the hard questions, cutting through jargon and hype to give readers information they can use. Our writers at RealComputing make technical subjects easier to grasp for the average computer user - whether they are novices or experienced professionals.

Our website covers a broad range of tech industry topics ranging from products and services for both novice and experienced computer users, to the social, political and economic issues affecting how people use computers. We provide feature articles on technology topics covering new products, services, issues and events and follows with one-on-one guest expert interviews from the high-tech, investment, government, public service, and educational communities, as well as industry writers and analysts.

As technology and the personal computing industry grows, so do the ways it affects our everyday lives. Many pre-established systems governing the transfer of information and the rights of individuals using this new medium have become either inadequate or irrelevant. New policies are being proposed and enacted all the time, often for reasons that are not obvious. For instance, international trade issues can affect copyright law; policies affecting electronic speech may be driven by tax policy. When we explore these topics, we try to get to the heart of the matter, and solicit various perspectives.

We are some of the computer industry's toughest critics, but try to stay fair in our analysis. Our experience goes back to the inception of the personal computer, so we utilize a historical perspective and experience to sift through the marketing hype. Our mission is to generate thought and give listeners the information and perspectives they need to make their own decisions intelligently. for sale. Contact if interested in PC reviews domain names



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